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Donor Voices: Janna de Bruijne


March 26, 2019

P2Sample operates the market research industry’s most sophisticated sample and panel platform for clients seeking targeted respondents for consumer insights. P2Sample’s fully-automated platform programmatically integrates with hundreds of sample suppliers and allows efficient management of proprietary panels. Their technology works with a wide variety of methodologies, including traditional surveys; the latest in neuroscience and behavioral approaches; and online qualitative and video studies. We’re so grateful for their support and excited to highlight their co-founder Janna de Bruijne in this installment of our Donor Voices blog series!

Janna de Bruijne co-founded P2Sample and Points2Shop.com where she currently serves as COO. There, she leads a global team focused on delivering—not only the highest quality sample—but the best user experience for P2S respondents as well. P2Sample has previously sponsored multiple WIRe conferences and networking events but, wanting to further their commitment to a more inclusive industry, decided to go a step further this year, coming on board as a corporate donor for 2019 and welcoming their Chief Revenue Officer, JD Deitch, on as a WIRe advisory board member. Janna is personally a member of WIRexec—our program for corporate senior research executives and supplier/agency side SVPs, C-suite members and entrepreneurs—and shares that participating in the group, “has allowed me to be my true self, without judgement.” She’s enjoyed watching her company grow from a handful of employees to a globally recognized leader in the market research industry, all while maintaining a global and diverse workforce—a facet of P2’s company ethos which parallels her own leadership goals.

“I work hard to get to know the people reporting to me, directly or indirectly. I want to understand what motivates them, how they think and what they need from me.”

As a founder, Janna counts herself lucky as she’s avoided many of the struggles other Women in Research face when climbing the corporate ladder such as equal pay but she’s experienced her own struggles along her professional path. When she and her husband started the company in 2006 she was suddenly tasked with developing herself as a leader and growing her team. Through both her studies and real-world experience of management, Janna developed a leadership methodology that champions adaptation and understanding of each team member on the individual level. “I work hard to get to know the people reporting to me, directly or indirectly,” she notes. “I want to understand what motivates them, how they think and what they need from me.”

“A true leader leads by example while being clear and decisive.”

Janna considers herself an introvert and counts the example of her father’s similarly-introverted leadership style as a prototype for her own management tactics. “Instinctively, I always thought that it was the extroverts who became managers and led companies, because these extremely outgoing people are the ones you hear about the most,” she shares. “Knowing that introverts can become good leaders as well has helped me be more confident during my growth into leadership.” Janna asserts that a true leader, “leads by example while being clear and decisive” and urges for a selfless approach to leadership which benefits and acknowledges the individuality of team members.

It excites me to know that I am doing things that are truly unique and have not been done before.”

Earlier this year, P2Sample announced the arrival of a new platform, which is maximally automated to help clients manage panels, sample suppliers and fieldwork and provides a single, sophisticated interface where clients can access immediate benefits from automation. Janna is particularly excited by projects like these, as well as those that call upon her data analysis know-how and ask her to, “digest the data and, at the same time, see the broader impact on the company or industry as a whole.” She notes that “[projects like] our AI yield management project [are] an example of where I can apply this knowledge and these skills in a way that an external AI specialist or data analyst couldn’t achieve individually. It excites me to know that I am doing things that are truly unique and have not been done before. P2Sample started out 12 years ago with three key foundational drivers: to capitalize on the advances in technology, to create efficiencies in our space, and to ensure an excellent experience for everyone. When we shifted from performance marketing specialists to a focus on the market research industry, we held fast to these beliefs endured and set out to change the way the industry approaches sample.”

When addressing those new to market research, Janna offers some words of advice. “Be yourself, don’t try to mold yourself to be like anyone else—man or woman. Find out what you are good at and which styles come naturally to you, and further develop those skills to be useful for your individual growth as a leader.” She encourages support systems like WIRexec which, “unlike some conferences where everyone is competing and trying to sell themselves, is a place for people to be vulnerable, supportive and help each other grow.” In a changing world and industry, leaders like Janna carry the torch toward a more supportive and inclusive workplace for research professionals at every level.

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