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WIRe believes in the positive impact of women in business.

We work to advance the contributions and voice of women in research, both for themselves and for the greater good of the industry.

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We arm women with the tools to develop professionally, built connections, and stay inspired.

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Events are free to attend and include educational panels and speakers, wellness activations, and plenty of time for networking!

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Our Annual Webinar Series and WIRe+ sponsored webinars feature prominent industry leaders speaking on topics chosen by the WIRe community.

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Scholarship Fund

In partnership with the ESOMAR Foundation, our Global Scholarship Fund aims to advance the contributions of Women in Research around the world.

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Getting Emotional… How Implicit Testing Techniques Can Shine a Light on Human Emotions

As researchers we know that emotions drive human behavior. That’s why having a full arsenal of tools and methodologies geared toward better understanding emotions is imperative to research success. But how do we get to that deeper level of understanding — beyond mere liking and disliking — that captures how the products we create trigger emotions in the first place?

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Giving Ourselves Permission Is Often A Lot Harder Than We Realise

Giving ourselves permission to not do anything. It sounds ever so simple. Yet it is one of the things so many of us are unaware of as a concept, let alone as something we set to achieve for ourselves.

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Shazia Ali

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Our free, educational networking events are held twice annually in cities around the globe.

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WIRe’s programming and resources support women and diverse communities in Market Research and adjacent industries.

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