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WIRe events are held twice annually in more than 30 cities around the globe.

Events are free to attend, thanks to our event sponsors, and can include educational panels and guest speakers on a variety of topics related to our industry as well as personal and professional growth, community networking and cocktails.

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We’ve been too quiet for too long! And we miss you all so much, so we’re excited to announce that WIRe Toronto will be hosting its first VIRTUAL event on September 30th! If you’re in marketing research, join us for some virtual networking with fellow MRX professionals. Like any other WIRe event — everyone is welcome (including men)! Since we’re all kind of new to the virtual world, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for online networking and then putting them into practice! This free event is only for MRX professionals in Toronto. Space is limited for this event — please, only register if you are a Toronto-area community member.

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Never Trivial - Fabulous Females Throughout Time

Join Little Bird Marketing and Women in Research for an interactive happy hour trivia session!

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