Individual Sponsorships

As an entirely volunteer-driven, certified non-profit organization, the scale and breadth of WIRe programming depend on both corporate sponsors and individual donors (like yourself!). Every donation received helps empower women and diverse communities in the market research industry and has a truly global impact. In the US, your donation is tax deductible.

Thank You to our WIRe Community Donors!

  • Lillian Hale
  • Rebecca Estrada
  • Network for Good
  • Marie-Claude Gervais
  • Erica van Lieven
  • Tia Yater
  • Rebecca Bookwalter
  • Jamey Yeric
  • Blair Phillips
  • Zontziry Johnson
  • Janet Bernard
  • Allan Forbes
  • Laura Kippen
  • Nik Samoylov
  • Anonymous
  • Maria Slabaugh
  • Maria Fusaro
  • FlexMR
  • Annabel Berroya
  • Emily Hudson
  • Heather Wendlandt
  • Annabel Berroya
  • Laura Koehler
  • Salesforce
  • Kelly Heatly