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As a volunteer-driven, certified non-profit organization, the scale and breadth of WIRe programming depend on both corporate sponsors and individual donors (like yourself!). Every donation received helps empower women and diverse communities in the market research industry and has a truly global impact. In the US, your donation is tax deductible.

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Thank You to Our Donors!

Shannon Danzy
Amanda Barber
Lillian Hale
Rebecca Estrada
Network for Good
Marie-Claude Gervais
Erica van Lieven
Tia Yater
Rebecca Bookwalter
Jamey Yeric
Blair Phillips
Zontziry Johnson
Janet Bernard
Allan Forbes
Laura Kippen
Nik Samoylov
Maria Slabaugh
Maria Fusaro
Annabel Berroya
Emily Hudson
Heather Wendlandt
Annabel Berroya
Laura Koehler
Kelly Heatly
Michael Williams
Richard Johnson
Tiama Hanson-Drury
Silvia Iranzo Ferrandis
Jacquelyn Andstrom
Amanda Paull
Cranbrook Search Consultants
Elaine Rodrigo
Matt O'Mara
Aisha Parker
Amy Boren
Amy Burns
Carmen Bryant
Estrella Ho-Looney
Full Circle Research
Gina Meola
Heather Schichtel
Iwan Bondarenko
Katherine Hamilton
Kathleen Iriarte
Keerit Kohli
Keri Vermaak
Kim Schneller
Leslie Willis
lou Marciani
Nancy Hernon
Natalia Infante Caylor
Pamela Batzel
Randi Ochs
Susan Fader
Explorer Research
Michaela Gascon
Mary Mathes
Gazelle Global Research Services, LLC
Julie Kurd
FUEL + The Focus Room
Tiffany Hays
Denise Foley
Dyna Boen
Jan Kienhuis
Ebony Marketing Systems
Multilingual Connections
Priscilla McKinney
Pamela Bracken
Seratti Group
Lynnette Cooke
Milly Peña
Angela McCue
Jacqueline Fradin
Q2Q Global
Kelvin Claveria
Lilah Raynor
Logica Research
Mireya Aranda Pino
Michelle Gansle
Jami Pulley
Trevor Thomas