Our Mission

WIRe champions diversity in the marketing research industry by arming women with the tools to develop professionally, build connections and stay inspired. We believe in the positive impact of women in business.

Our mission is to advance the contributions and voice of women in research, both for themselves and for the greater good of the industry.

OUR Principals

Be Useful.

We see great value in serving as a resource to women in the research community, who often don’t have a voice. We want to contribute to the advancement of women in research by promoting meaningful dialogue and providing services and resources that drive measurable outcomes.

Create Community.

We don’t compete, we collaborate. We believe there’s room at the table for everyone and we actively work to encourage women to lift each other up and create opportunities for the advancement of women in our industry.

Advocate for Our Audience.

We believe in advocating for women and minority groups by creating opportunities where they can do more of what they love and shine on the global research stage. We are the voice for those who feel voiceless, as we act on WIRe’s commitment to foster inclusion and support diversity.

Partner Purposefully.

We choose our strategic alliances and media partners carefully.  We don’t just go along to get along.  We are investing in diversity for the long haul and we don’t need to borrow equity in order to have credit.

Think Globally, Act Locally.

WIRe connects women across the global research community.  We propel women from under-resourced or conflict communities to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become confident, career-focused and ready to join the next generation of professional women.

Foster Inclusion & Diversity.

WIRe believes that to go far, we must go together. Fostering a mindset of inclusion for minority or under-represented groups is not only a means toward parity; it’s our commitment toward a more vibrant and just industry for all.

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