About WIRe+ Webinars

WIRe+ is a collaborative sponsorship opportunity for industry-leading companies and organizations who want to share their expertise and connect with the WIRe community. Webinar sponsors select content relevant to the WIRe community, collaborating with the WIRe team to home in on the topics Women in Research want to hear about today. You’ll have your brand—and your innovative webinar topic—shared across WIRe platforms, hitting over 12,000 inboxes globally. You’ll also have your session marketed on WIRe social channels and archived on the WIRe webinar site for a lasting lead-generator for years to come.

Promotional Reach:

  • In the WIRe Newsletter: 12,000+ Inboxes globally
  • On the WIRe website: 2,900 Active Users monthly
  • On WIRe Social: Over 60k Impressions monthly across platforms
  • Dedicated shares with WIRe stakeholders and their teams

Become a WIRe Webinar sponsor and help inform the future of research!

Interested in learning more? View our webinar sponsorship sheet here and reach out to book your session today.

What WIRe+ Webinars Can Do For Your Brand

  • WIRe+ webinars generated an average of 484 signups in 2020
  • They have an average of 112 live attendees per session
  • Recorded sessions continue to gain 100+ views (and leads) in the month following the session
  • Attendees report a better sense of brand ethos, a greater connection to the work of the company and/or organization, and a greater reputational perspective of the company following attendance
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