Introducing WIRe Accelerate

WIRe Accelerate is a unique professional development program inspired by the rich experiences and expert wisdom held by Women in Research.

Program Content and Principles

"I found the first session to be beyond valuable. As I was listening, it made me mad that I wasn’t connected to WIRe before this summer. The idea of ‘being what you see’ would have been so incredibly valuable to me earlier in my career. And yet, I’m so happy I have this opportunity to spring board from where I am now, AND can help support not only [my mentee] but so many other women in the industry."
- Marlene S

WIRe Accelerate is a multi-module, virtual program that can be completed at your own pace. Participants who complete the program and exhibit an understanding of the concepts and skills within will receive a certificate of completion as well as an international cohort of like-minded Industry professionals to connect and grow with. Module content ranges from the concrete — lessons on OKR's, ROI, and career path planning — to the personal, with a special focus on the life changing tips and challenges that women face. Built with parents, caregivers, and students in mind, each module can be completed in under two hours and there is no set timeline for completion.

The WIRe Accelerate program was born out of a simple statement. "I wish I'd known...." Said time and time again at the 2019 WIRexec UK Summit, it became clear that there was a gap between what female leaders in the Industry had been taught and the professional development concepts that had proven most valuable to us. WIRe Accelerate came from that insight — that there was a need for female-oriented, non employer-based professional development in our industry and beyond.

The first module of the program was made available on February 24th but you can register at any time to join the 2021 cohort and kickstart your career goals — click here to navigate to the WIRe Accelerate Podia and to register for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a woman, can I still attend the program?



What career level is this program geared toward?


WIRe Accelerate is designed to enhance confidence and bolster your career goals at any level. Our participants range from student to senior-level executive and every one in-between.

Can my company/AP department cover my course expenses directly?


Yes — contact us for more information on setting up corporate billing.

Are there financial aid options?


Yes — if you are experiencing financial hardship or job loss you are invited to apply for full or partial program support here.

How long is the program?


This program is self-paced with lessons dropping once every three weeks. If you miss a month or fall behind that's okay; just be sure to complete before the end of the year if you want to graduate with your cohort.

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