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50/50 Day: Getting MRX to Gender Parity

April 28, 2018

April 26th was 50/50 Day: a day dedicated to bringing awareness to the issue of gender parity. There are over 32,000 50/50 Day events worldwide: companies, schools, classrooms, museums, and homes around the globe, all pledging to work toward a more gender-balanced world. This is the second year that WIRe has participated in 50/50 Day festivities and, with such successful turnout to our webinar screening last year, we decided to once again screen 50/50 Day founder Tiffany Shlain’s film “50/50” via webinar in an effort to spark further conversation around the issue of gender inequity in—and outside of— mrx. Here are 5 different ways to join in on the 50/50 Day conversation, any day of the year, with WIRe:

1. Watch films. Thanks to our partners at FocusVision, WIRe screened the film “50/50” via webinar. You can watch the film online  if you missed the webinar.

2. Commit to Action Pledges. The team at 50/50 Day shared action pledges over the course of the day and unveiled a new site, Why I Pledge 50/50, that allows participants to find the action pledge that is right for them.

3. Watch all-day programming. The 50/50 Day Facebook page live-streamed discussions, media and programming around the issue of gender balance all day on April 26th. You can view an archive of this footage on the 50/50 Day site.

4. Engage discussion.  50/50 Day organizers provide numerous topics for discussion online in order to keep the conversation around gender parity going. WIRe invites the community to let us know what your thoughts on the film and the issue of gender parity are by tagging @womeninresearch and #gettingto5050 on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

5. Engage with WIRe’s 50/50 Initiatives. WIRe has two initiatives that work toward a more gender balanced and equitable industry: our 50/50 Conference Initiative—which aims to support women from across the various roles and industries that make up the broader research landscape by matching them with the market research industry’s best events and works closely with conference organizers to promote a 50/50 gender split on stage and beyond—and our Global Scholarship Fund—which supports female students in economically challenged or conflict markets entering into an MR-related field of study. By engaging with these two initiatives, you can make a palpable change in the industry toward gender balance!

Thanks for joining WIRe for 50/50 Day and for helping us uplift and empower the voices of women in market research!

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