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2019 and Beyond: Insights from the Global WIRe Community

January 2, 2020

2019 was a banner year for WIRe’s global networking events; we reached over 3,500 individuals and hosted events on three continents in 22 cities globally. All of this was made possible by our incredible Event Leads—women and teams who come together to support their local markets and communities—as well as our Event Sponsors and Corporate Donors who make it all possible. As we shift into 2020 and continue to grow both in size and scope, we thought it was the perfect time to hear from some of our Event Leads as to how their year has been and what we can expect moving forward. It’s an opportunity to celebrate our diverse leadership crew while giving our community a truly global glimpse into wisdom, vision, and experience of Women in Research from all over the world. Check out the responses below!

Jackie Anderson, WIRe Boston

The growing Boston chapter learned that incredible things happen (in our careers and our WIRe chapter!) when we maximize 2D Diversity – the diversity that comes from both our inherent and acquired traits.

Barb Paszyn, WIRe Toronto

Our community is growing and there is so much support from both women and men. Every event we have more and more supporters, which is amazing because this helps us get the word out about WIRe and our mission. The people who attend our events are enthusiastic and welcoming. New friendships always seem to emerge, and it’s a place where people can continue to build their MRX connections. I love this! Because this is exactly why I started the Toronto Chapter.  

“I rekindled an old relationship and made a few new ones!” – Quote from May event attendee

Danielle Todd, WIRe London

We often diminish our own achievements without even realizing it but celebrating and making visible what we achieve not only helps us understand how we’re progressing but frames how we take on future challenges. So, if you want to grow your professional and personal success and satisfaction, acknowledge, promote and heartily celebrate you and your achievements!

Joy Levin, WIRe Washington DC/Baltimore

2019 saw us launch the DC/Baltimore chapter and, between doing all of the organization for our first area event to the conversations that occurred during our event, we realized the importance of community. Supporting each other in our careers and endeavors is so powerful, and we look to further build and strengthen our community in 2020.

Rebecca Brooks, WIRe Los Angeles

Our panelists that spoke on recruiting reminded us of the value of treating respondents like real people. People are complicated and fascinating and so much more than demos or $3 CPIs.

Fiona Blades, WIRe New York City

The key word I thought of was “teamwork” – the amazing NYC organizing team, the fantastic panel we had, you and WIRe HQ, and, of course, the fabulous member who made both events so special. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller

Erin Mays and Michael Manning, WIRe Austin

In 2019, Erin Mays and the Ebco team re-launched the WIRe chapter in Austin and it has been eye-opening and invigorating. We were fortunate to have our first meeting as an event with IIEX, which was a sturdy reminder of the incredible community of Women In Research. In November, we had an insightful event bringing together our chapter with subject matter experts discussing the Enneagram. The turnout and insights shared reminded us of the intelligence and variety of avenues a career in research can take us. We also received immense gratitude from the community that the chapter was starting up again, reminding us how important it is to stay connected. If we could encapsulate our experience in one word, it would have to be inspiring.

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