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WIRe in Color

The aim of WIRe’s in Color group is to raise the visibility of women of color in and outside of the market research industry and to further progress the conversation of workplace inclusion by championing racial and cultural diversity and equity in our field. Spearheaded by Marion Elliot, this program will work to build and strengthen connections among women of color in the WIRe community while amplifying WIRe’s mission of workplace equity, gender parity and a more inclusive MRX landscape for all.


In late 2018, we launched the WIRe in Color Slack Group as a way to facilitate conversation and actualize the mission of this program; you can request membership to this group via the linked button below. For more information regarding the WIRe in Color forum, please email jessica@womeninresearch.org.

Join the WIRe in Color Slack Group

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