WIRe Accelerate Program Modules

Explore our program modules, each with content building intentionally on those prior, giving participants an opportunity to grow, challenge, and cultivate their own relationship to each course.

You Can't Be What You Can't See: Leadership Profiles

Panel Moderated by Laura Chaibi


Before you can start planning for your professional career, gain an invaluable view of the different career paths and the things nobody tells you about reaching them. Join for a panel discussion with several MR leaders and hear how they got there, and what they wish they had known at the beginning of their journeys.

Where to Start: How do I begin my Professional Development Planning?

Instructor: Heidi Dickert


A session dedicated to proven methods of self-reflection and aspiration evaluation for those who are looking to get greater clarity on professional aspirations such as, "Where do you want to be?", "What do you aspire towards?" and "Where are your current gaps? and "Competency Assessment."

Removing Limitations: Don't let perceived barriers block your own ambitions

Instructor: Melanie Courtright


In life, the preconceived limits that we or others place on us can have hugely damaging consequences. In this important session, we cover key concepts to removing limitations in our professional growth, including concepts like "Giving ourselves permission", "work styles", "imposter syndrome," "career progression paths" aand "adhering vs. challenging to norms/social constructs."

Identifying Your Priorities For Professional Development

Instructor: Su Embree


When we're making decisions about our professional evolution, it's important to make decisions with our development goals in mind. Learn about how to apply framerworks like Start, Stop, Continue and The Priority Star exercise to determing the right prorities to solve any challenge, and which will be most limpactful in your own development journey.

Finding & Leveraging Your Network

Instructor: Shazia Ginai


A hugely important part of your development journey will be aided by your network. Now that you've identified your priorities for professional development, how do you develop a supportive network? The Mind Map exercise allows you to map and expand your network. Once you have it, we'll then cover ways to ask them for help and leverage this group to aid your development over time. Learn about the surprising benefits that occur when you ask for help or are asked for help by another person.

Influencing Tactics To Evolve Professionally

Instructor: Babita Earle


Achieving your objectives often requires using “hard” or “soft” influence tactics to move or change your current direction. This session covers both, including downwards, lateral and upward techniques to help you influencing your way forward. Learn techniques that successful within a corporate environment or in boards, associations, and other group settings.

OKR's: A Framework for Goal Setting & Progress Tracking

Instructor: Tiama Hanson-Drury


In this session you'll learn a simple and intuitive approach to goal setting and accountability tracking to take control of reaching your professional development goals. You can apply this to your activities at and outside of work.

Building The Best Business Strategy: Execute With Precision

Instructor: Kristin Luck


The difference before a high performing business or team and a low performing one is often a clear business strategy. A business strategy is a roadmap for achieving your business’ goals. It establishes a set of principles that inform your priorities, decisions, and actions. Learn tools for building an effective strategy and executing with precision.

Strategic Communication

Instructor: Indie Blackwell


Carefully framed wording is critical to communicating with impact. Have you ever felt like you just aren't being heard? You may need to change the way you are communicating. In this session, we will cover both impactful communication strategies as well as how to leverage data to explain and inspire action.

Demonstrating Your ROI

Instructor: Elaine Rodrigo


One of the most important ways to further your professional development is to track and communicate the ROI of your contributions within your business. This session provides concrete details for tying your contributions to revenue, even for those who are not in direct revenue generating roles.

Negotiating For Success

Instructor: Dyna Boen


There are many important elements that go into being a successful negotiator. Tone, pace, body language all matter. Whether you are struggling with asking for pay rises or negotiating on a business case, this session will provide guidance on how to successfully negotiate for the outcome you want.

Financial Strategies

Instructor: Kristin Luck


This session covers two important areas of finance, both personal wealth planning, including investment and equity, and approaching budgeting and P&L basics at work. Learn practical guidelines for mastering both areas and boosting your financial confidence.

How Journaling Impacts Success

Instructor: Shazia Ginai


Learn a variety of focused journaling benefits and approaches to guide you on your professional development journey. Leveraging the latest neuroscience research, this is about harnessing your creative power and fueling your growth journey.




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