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Women in Research presents Catherine Yuile, Theo Francis with WIRe Market Research Diversity Champion Award

October 20, 2021

20 October 2021 — Dallas, TX — Non-profit organization Women in Research (WIRe) has announced the winners of their fifth-annual MRX Diversity Champion award. This year WIRe partnered with the Insights Association and FUEL to celebrate the occasion during the Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) in Dallas, Texas. This year’s Gold winner is Catherine Yuile, Edelman’s Executive Vice President of Data & Intelligence, Canada and Latin America, and the Silver award went to Theo Francis, Founder & Director of GuineaPig Fieldwork and co-Founder & Director of CORe (Colour of Research), an industry organization geared toward greater diversity efforts in the Insights industry.

Gold award winner Catherine Yuile

Gold award winner Catherine Yuile, a marketing and media research veteran, leads the data and intelligence team at Edelman in Canada & Latin America, and oversees research, analytics, performance and paid media teams. She volunteers as a member of Edelman’s Global Women’s Equality Network (GWEN), promoting events and initiatives which help women from all backgrounds lead and succeed. She has also championed a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative for Edelman’s global Data & Intelligence (DXI) unit of 400 employees—establishing a new DE&I vision, team and plan to promote equality across four strategic pillars. Catherine is also a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Council Working Group for Women’s Advocacy and Vice President of the Canadian Chapter of the Insights Association. In response to her win, Catherine noted that she was “humbled and honoured to be recognized by Women In Research and the Insights Association. I am encouraged by the important work that so many are doing across our industry to drive progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yet, there is still so much that remains to be done to create meaningful impact and lasting positive change. I see it as both a responsibility and opportunity to continue championing progress in the journey to achieving a diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry and workplace for all.”

Silver award winner Theo Francis

Silver award winner Theo Francis brings energy, passion and enthusiasm to the DE&I front, along with a skill set ranging from business development and project management to marketing and branding. Currently, he is the Managing Director and Founder of GuineaPig Fieldwork, a global fieldwork and data collection agency based in the U.K. Past involvement in racial activism projects, along with Theo’s current career in market research, poised him for his involvement in Colour of Research (CORe). As the Co-Founder & Director of CORe, Theo is responsible for organizational development and oversight, branding and assisting with strategic long-term planning. In response to his win, Theo noted that “Transforming MRX into the diverse and inclusive industry we all want it to be is something we all need to be actively involved in, not just our senior leaders and established authorities. As someone still relatively new to the industry, receiving this award is personally a great honour but more importantly, I believe it sends a message to all the “little people'' that have something to say but fear their voices aren't yet loud enough to be heard. By recognising me in this way, Women In Research and the Insights Association are encouraging them to speak up, whether they believe they have the authority to do so or not - and that is truly powerful. “

The WIRe MRX Diversity Champion award was created to honor individuals of all genders who are actively embracing all aspects of diversity, encouraging investment in a diverse workforce in market research, and embodying the values of respect, dignity, autonomy and equality. This year’s award was promoted in partnership with the Insights Association and with support from FUEL. Past winners include Denene Jonielle Rodney (Zebra Strategies) in 2017; Babita Earle (Zappi) and JD Deitch (Cint) in 2018; Sophia Papadopoulos (Kantar) and Lindsey Brinkworth and Jess Mons (dscout) in 2019; and Damon Jones (Burke) and Rebecca Vega (Unilever) in 2020.

Reflecting on this year’s award, FUEL Founder and this year’s award sponsor Tiffany Hays noted that, “Diversity, equality and inclusion have long been issues in the market research industry. We can only grow this industry and help the brands we work with gain a broader perspective of branding to a multifarious world, by actively initiating a focus on changing this inequity. Talking about diversity in our industry is over. Taking action is now. Fuel and The Focus Room take great pride in our diverse team, and we are honored to be acknowledging others who are taking action and championing to make sure all genders, sexualities, nationalities, races and religions are represented in MRX organizations.”

WIRe Managing Director Michelle Andre echoed this sentiment, stating that, “This year’s winners join a collective of champions and nominees who are active participants in changing our industry for the better every day. After the struggles of the pandemic, it is that much sweeter to see so many persevere to bring positive change and hope to the world at large.”

For more information on the award, please visit https://www.womeninresearch.org/mrx-diversity-champion-award or reach out to jessica@womeninresearch.org


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