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WIRe Announces Partnership with MMRA

January 18, 2018

WIRe is happy to formally announce our partnership with the Mobile Market Research Association (MMRA)! The MMRA exists to unite and serve the industry in promoting the use of mobile for research, including developing best practices, professional standards and privacy guidelines. MMRA members include clients, market research firms and consultants, technology and UX developers, educators, students and trade media. The organization works actively to define and promote best practices and to share ideas to help enhance the effectiveness and value of conducting research using agile mobile resources. They also strive to foster education and open communications among all their constituents. The MMRA looks to connect the dots between qualitative, quantitative and passive data by sharing data collection and analytic approaches using advanced mobile and IoT technologies with an end purpose of helping marketing professionals understand how to use new and emerging mobile technologies to reach B2B and B2C audiences so they can better engage participants and bring the consumer, shopper, customer and employee experience to life. WIRe and the MMRA will be co-marketing each others’ events and activities and the MMRA will be extending exclusive conference discounts to the WIRe community.

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