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Top Ten Female Market Research Pioneers

Paris Draheim

July 5, 2017

In continued celebration of Women in Research’s 10th Anniversary in 2017, we are rolling out another Top Ten list of women who have significantly impacted our industry. Our first list, recognizing the top female entrepreneurs, can be found here. Keep your eye out for more “top ten” lists throughout 2017.

Who are the women in our industry who’ve cut a new path and pioneered new techniques, business models or technologies in MR? Our stellar panel of judges looked all over the world for the trailblazers you’ll see here. This list shines a light on the women who have worked or are working to change the face of research. There’s a saying that “you can’t be what you can’t see.” These women have actively worked to ensure the next generation of female research entrepreneurs have shining examples of success.

WIRe’s Top Ten Female MR Pioneers

  • Phyllis MacFarlane (GfK)
  • Fern Schapiro (TNS /Insight Express / Ipsos/ Higher Research Recruiting)
  • Edwina Dunn (dunnhumby / Starcount)
  • Wendy Gordon (Acacia Avenue)
  • Liz Nelson (TNS / Fly Research)
  • Judith Passingham (TNS/Ipsos)
  • Joyce Rachelson (Grey Advertising / CfMC/ 3R’s – in memoriam)
  • Joan Lewis (Procter & Gamble / Advisor)
  • Gayle Fuguitt (General Mills / ARF / Foursquare)
  • Anne Brown & Harriet Naidus (Gazelle Global Research Services)

We will be sharing profiles of each of these pioneers on our social channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – in the upcoming weeks so make sure to stay tuned online.

Is there a female MR pioneer you think might be missing from this list or you feel deserves recognition? Send us an email.

Many thanks to our top ten list judges: Lenny Murphy, Greenbook; Finn Raben, ESOMAR; Jane Frost, MRS; and Betty Adamou, Research Through Gaming.

Here’s to ten years and pioneers!

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