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Study: Women in Executives in MRX

September 5, 2019

The absence of women in senior-level positions—otherwise known as “the Leadership Gap”—is just one of many obstacles central to the greater issue of gender inequality. Its impact, though, has a particularly potent sting; a lack of female representation at the top not only diminishes the opinions and interests of women at all levels, it also robs women of female role models and mentors.

In 2018, a New York Times article entitled, “The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John,” noted that there are as many female Chief Executives of Fortune 500 companies as there are men in the same role named James (5%). In the following white paper, Jonathan Deitch, Ph.D. evaluates the Market Research industry’s own percentage of women in executive leadership roles and offers actionable solutions toward more equitable and representative industry leadership.

Women in Research (WIRe) was founded on the belief that women are a positive and powerful force in business and, while Deitch’s study finds the industry’s gender representation wanting, we’re dedicated to a more just and equal workplace for all. If you or your company are interested in supporting this vision, we invite you to visit www.womeninresearch.org to learn about further opportunities to empower women into leadership roles for researchers, leaders, and allies of all roles and backgrounds. Together, we have the momentum and ability to shape a more inclusive industry for all.

Download the "Women Executives in MRX" Whitepaper Here

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