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Live WIRe from Japan: Interview with Hisae Endo

March 22, 2018

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Toshie Endo Japan Coca-Cola Co., Knowledge & Insights Group Manager
Hisae Endo, Group Manager, Knowledge & Insights, Coca-Cola (Japan) Company

When you look back on your own career, please tell us about the turning points that will lead to your own success now.

About 15 years ago, when I moved to Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. and got a job in marketing research. Although my previous job dealt with research in other departments, the turning point was to take on the role of marketing research itself. Being encouraged and trained by the bosses, domestic and foreign colleagues, and business partners who are passionate about believing that “consumer insights can be competitive for business growth”, they can develop their careers in marketing research. It was

Have you ever had a difficult or difficult time looking back at your own career? How did you overcome it? How have your experiences during this time helped your career?

When I was assigned a role in the previous job that didn't involve much with consumers, I asked myself, "What I want to stick to most in my work." Therefore, I became aware that "I want to work near consumers". Looking back, I think that working in fields other than marketing research had a positive impact on my career development. It was a valuable time/experience.

What advice would you give to you if you are a new graduate or if you have a career problem?

When I was a new graduate, I never imagined that I would make a career in the field of marketing research. While I was doing the job in front of me, I came out with a field I wanted to go one step further, and looking back, marketing research became my field.
My advice at the time was to "expand the perspective of a given job and expand it to the surroundings. From there, you can see the way you are going." Medium- to long-term career I think it was my style to search for career opportunities based on my situation and my interests rather than pushing myself toward my vision.

Finally, please tell us your motto, your motto.

"I will not give up on communication."
Previously, my boss taught me that "the researcher's job is not only to produce research results, but to influence the behavior of the other party through the research results and to influence the market". .. We face various hurdles every day, such as not being able to convey at one time, reaching the other person by our own way of communication, and having another problem that the other person can take action even if it is transmitted. However, I am trying to communicate with the idea of ​​"impacting the market."

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