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Donor Voices: Tiffany Hays

March 8, 2018

Tiffany Hays is the Founder/CEO of FUEL and The Focus Room, a serial entrepreneur and an all-around fearless MRX superstar. Tiffany spearheaded research for the largest ad campaign launch in history: the eight-country, Windows 7 ‘My Idea’ campaign, and has served on several Market Research Association boards. Her passion for market research excellence motivates her to continually push the boundaries on behalf of her clients, and she actively participates in industry events and initiatives.

After hours, Tiffany works as an animal rescue activist, and plays with her own irresistible fur balls, which she adopted along the way. This month, Tiffany sat down with her team for a Q&A on Fuel’s partnership with WIRe and the benefits of mentorship.

Olivia Evers: How did you get involved with WIRe and in what capacity?

Tiffany Hays: Initially attending educational and networking events. I was asked to do Office Hours as a female CEO in 2014. Then moved into sponsoring individual events, then Corporate sponsorship.

OE: What value do you see in WIRe not only as a member, but also as a corporate sponsor?

TH: As a member, I find huge value in meeting women in our industry in leadership roles similar to mine. We have many of the same obstacles and help one another overcome them. WIRe does an amazing job promoting events and their sponsors, making my company much more publicly visible.

OE: Which programs do you find most valuable? Please talk about your role as a mentor.

TH: The WIRexec community has been a huge positive add to the benefits of being involved with this organization. As an executive, I find networking with these women educational and thought-provoking. It has given me many different and creative views on running my business.

It’s important for me to give back to an industry that has given so much to me. I am excited to be able to support a woman in our industry in achieving her career goals and most importantly showing her that market research is a big world that goes far beyond their daily work tasks. Once you learn what is out there, it’s amazing how quickly direction and focus can change and your true calling in our industry can be discovered.

OE: How is this organization benefiting women (and men!) in the industry from your point of view?

TH: There are so many pieces to this organization that benefit the industry. While it has always been a focus of WIRe to push for equality in the workplace, our current climate has brought this to the forefront. I do hope women in our industry are finding empowerment through this female-led group to continue moving the conversation forward.

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