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Donor Voices: Kelly Kitchens

November 8, 2019

ProdegeMR has reinvented the market research process by taking a respondent first approach. Their diversified recruitment methods and world-class consumer engagement model comprised of over 100 million registered members globally fosters member retention and ongoing participation. This extends many benefits to their clients; allows for delivery of recontact surveys, longitudinal studies, in-home use tests, and on-going research programs. We’re grateful for their support of Women in Research and excited to highlight ProdegeMR’s Senior Director, Sample Solutions—Kelly Kitchens—in this installment of our Donor Voices blog series!

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” Kelly KitchensProdegeMR’s Senior Director of Sample Solutions—takes this Brené Brown quote to heart when it comes to leadership. “For me personally, I focus on building strong relationships based on trust with the hopes to inspire positive changes for the individual and company,” she shares. This deep drive to forge lasting connections on both the personal and the professional level came in handy earlier this year as Prodege expanded its scope to the Dallas market, opening a downtown location just a block away from Klyde Warren Park. As the manager of Prodege’s Dallas office, Kelly has brought her own personal philosophy of connection to life, planning fun team bonding activities that get employees outside and exploring everything their vibrant neighborhood has to offer: checking out the local food truck scene, venturing downtown on electric scooters, and savoring cocktails on the scenic balcony overlooking the park.

“It’s about partnering together, mentoring each other and building long-lasting relationships to continue to elevate each other and the industry as a whole.”

While the Prodege Dallas team is always looking for the next adventure, these outings are more than just social—they’re about fostering innovation. “It’s key to have a relationship with the team, so when you are faced with an issue, you have a foundation to find a solution,” Kelly notes. “It’s about partnering together, mentoring each other and building long-lasting relationships to continue to elevate each other and the industry as a whole.” The company’s emphasis on creativity, innovation, and positive work culture has allowed Kelly to thrive and, in turn, to pass along the encouraging impact of the Prodege workplace ethos to her colleagues and peers. For Kelly, placing an emphasis on building trusting relationships between colleagues has opened a bevy of doors both professionally and personally. “I have had many female mentors over the years who have supported my growth,” she shares. “They are always encouraging and available when tough professional situations arise.”

“Being open to new adventures and new ideas are keys to success.”

One of the most meaningful and path-making conversations Kelly can recall early in her career came from a mentor, whose encouragement to courageously lean into the unknown with a “Chin Up” attitude not only illuminated her personal attitude toward growth but informed her approach towards leadership as well. “As a leader,” she mentions, “I continue to evolve, and I find strength in knowing that what’s ahead is going to be better than I could have ever imagined!” This emphasis on bravely navigating life through an optimistic lens fuels Kelly’s mentality on finding one’s own path to success. “Learn through your experiences and continue to evolve,” she urges. “Always have a voice and stay the course when you are faced with adversity. You never know what’s around the corner. Being open to new adventures and new ideas are keys to success. If we all find inspiration to grow, evolve and elevate each other, the unimaginable is possible!” It’s within this trusting and supportive vision of a community that Kelly uncovers the key to innovation. “By creating a trusting environment for teams to thrive, it promotes an environment for the team to deliver creative and innovative solutions. This generates better outcomes for all involved!”

“It’s about connection and understanding and sharing stories.”

Kelly has recently joined the WIRe Dallas team, meeting with other women and bringing that focus on connection to the new chapter as they strive to cultivate deeper connections and support each other’s growth personally and professionally. To this point, she shares that she’s “excited to be part of the initial discussions and look forward to supporting a local WIRe chapter. I’m proud that ProdegeMR is a corporate sponsor of WIRe and I enjoyed flying into LA for the recent WIRe event we sponsored on Empowered Insights.” For Kelly, the importance of interconnectedness doesn’t stop when she walks into the office. “We are all connected to each other working towards the same goals and sharing our stories, experiences, and life together,” she shares. “Ashlyn Harris said, ‘It’s all about people man. It’s about connection and understanding and sharing stories.’ Prodege is changing and innovating how we can engage everyday consumers, as people. Prodege offers a connection to the consumer that is unique and innovative to the market research industry. We have the most engaged members that provide thoughtful opinions to drive consumer insights for our clients and I’m thrilled to be a part of an organization that champions connection and innovation.”

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