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Announcing the 2020 MRX Diversity Champion Nominee Shortlist

September 21, 2020

We're pleased to announce that — in conjunction with Insights Association and with support from Echo-MR — our 2020 MRX Diversity Champion Award submission cycle has closed and we now have a short list of change makers to celebrate! The individuals below have been nominated by friends and colleagues who see the incredible contributions being made by each nominee; to read more about why they were nominated, see our Twitter announcement.

  • Aaron Reid    
  • Aarti Tripathi    
  • AJ Lipford    
  • Alexis Lopez    
  • Angela Houghton    
  • Damon Jones    
  • Ella Fryer- Smith    
  • Giselle Washington    
  • Jamin Brazil    
  • Jessica Broome    
  • Kim Ruyten    
  • Laarni Paras    
  • Mariana Anguiano    
  • Mario X. Carrasco    
  • Mary Ann Beach    
  • Megan Springmeyer    
  • Michael Brown
  • Michel Bequer    
  • Natasha Varn-Davis    
  • Rebecca Vega    
  • Roben Allong    
  • Shannon Danzy    
  • Shanon Adams    
  • Tiama Hanson-Drury

We'll be announcing the winners of this years award at CRC in October — register for that online conference here. A BIG thank you to all who nominated and to the nominees themselves for endeavoring to make such a huge impact on the future of Market Research!

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