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International Women's Day 2024: #InspireInclusion and #InvestInWomen


March 4, 2024

Inclusion starts when we begin to acknowledge disproportionate opportunities and experiences for what they are — bias. Women, and especially racially and/or ethnically diverse women, are too often overlooked and underserved when it comes to the professional opportunities that have the potential to meaningfully define one’s career trajectory upwards. According to 2023 research from Achievers Workforce Institute, women are 23% less engaged than men and are 28% less likely to feel a strong sense of belonging than their male counterparts. On top of this, just 15% of women are recognized for the workplace contributions they provide weekly — compared to 21% of men.

In order to #InspireInclusion and encourage leaders to #InvestInWomen this International Women’s Day, we’re developing a roster of activities that you, your colleagues, and your teams can participate in toward creating real change and celebrating your diverse workforce. Earlier this year, we partnered with Walr to investigate the experiences of Women in Research, their feelings about workplace and industry recognition as it stands, and to measure the positive impact of celebrating women for the experts they are. We’re also sharing deeply-discounted access to our professional development program, WIRe Accelerate, for leaders who wish to give women in their workplace a “boost” in the coming months. We’ll also provide tangible tools and tactics for moving forward to #InspireInclusion throughout the year!

1. Learn from the women of the IDEAtor Apprenticeship Program

Insights Association’s IDEAtor Program is a 12-month paid, remote apprenticeship for diverse college graduates and vocational or early career professionals to gain practical work experience. As we enter into a new year, WIRe and the IDEA Council have partnered to speak with some of this year’s program participants — all Women of Color — to take the pulse of the industry, highlight their experiences and expertise, and collectively envision a new path forward. Read the full blog post here.

2. Explore Emergent Research on the impact of Celebration and Recognition on Women’s Careers

Earlier this year, we partnered with Walr to survey woman Market Research professionals to better understand how celebration and recognition positively impact the confidence and career trajectories of women  — and uncover tips and tricks to #InspireInclusion in Market Research workplaces year-round. Read more about our findings here.

3. Recognize and Celebrate the Women in Research in your Workplace

Celebrating the achievements and contributions of the women in your workplace is a great first step toward fostering inclusion. Download the graphic below to celebrate women in research in your workplace. Post on social on March 8th and be sure to tag us @Women in Research so we can echo your message far and wide!

(Right-click image to download)

4. #InvestInWomen by Supporting Employee Professional Development

Invest in the professional development of women in your workplace; the WIRe Accelerate professional development program is a completely remote, at-your-own-pace professional development course led by women experts in the MRX industry. Access a deep discount on individual seats through the month of March by using code IWD2024 at checkout or reach out for even deeper discounts on corporate packages of three or more seats.

5. Nominate a C-Track superstar to attend the WIRexec Leadership Summit

Our WIRexec Leadership Summit C-Track program is designed to bring rising C-track superstars into contact with senior executive-level mentors and colleagues. This program boosts a notable track record of elevating past attendees to the C-team and senior executive-level positions. This is a great opportunity for people leaders and decision makers to invest in the professional development of their employees—and to boost the women in their workplace to career success.  If you or someone you know is a manager or senior manager on the corporate side, or a senior director or VP on the agency side, you can nominate them to attend our C-Track program.

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