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Office Hours

Office Hours is our one-of-a-kind, on-the-fly mentor program designed to connect industry thought leaders and professionals with the WIRe community. As of Q1 2020 we’ve retailored our Office Hours program to support more mentors, more dialogue, and more opportunities for remote connection and growth than ever before! Here’s how it works:

  • Use the form below to ask our panel of industry experts your questions about career, methodology, leadership, work-life balance, and more. This is your opportunity to benefit from mentorship in a low-bandwidth, high response way.
  • Our Office Hours mentor pool will review your questions and respond accordingly. This means you might get a variety of responses from differing perspectives and backgrounds in the industry. Awesome!
  • We’ll post all answered questions here—check back for your response(s) over the next few weeks.
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Our Mentor Pool

Baillie Buchanan
Baillie BuchananCo-Founder and COO, Research for Good
Horst Feldhaeuser
Horst FeldhaeuserGroup Services Director, Infotools
JD Deitch
JD DeitchChief Operations Officer, Cint
Laura Chaibi
Laura ChaibiDigital Research, Insights and Strategy Advisor
Marina Kosten
Marina KostenVP, Consumer Research, 20th Century Fox
Sarah Ryan
Sarah RyanDirector of Media Insights, BabyCenter
Sima Vasa
Sima VasaAdvisor, Infinity Squared Ventures, LLC

Answered Questions:

We’ll post responses to questions here once them come in. Start asking now!

Q: Any advise for people who have a sales/business development role in addition to their primary MRX duties? In particular, how to maintain momentum on the marketing communications/lead generation (rather than simply responding to current clients and calling that “BD”)? Thanks!

from Mentor Sima Vasa: “Keep reaching out and continue to make an effort to check in with people. Be active on social media to maintain awareness. It is a trying time and although outreach is meant to generate sales… it might not yield that immediately—for now. Stay top of mind when the need arises!”

from Mentor JD Deitch: “...not really my area of expertise but Steve Henke has written some good stuff on “seller doers.” I actually spoke to him a bit about this when he was creating the program.

Q: What’s your opinion on doing fieldwork right now (during the coronavirus): should we hold off? What are you doing instead?

from Mentor JD Deitch: “The thing is: COVID-19 is going to be around for a while and things are going to change. I’ve written a piece on the Cint blog that will help researchers navigate the impact and ways to adjust.”