In-Person or Virtual

WIRe currently offers in-person mentoring opportunities in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco, and Sydney. If you don’t live in one of the cities listed, you may request a “virtual” mentor on your application, although we’ll do our best to find a mentor in your local market.

The Process

Our global roster of mentors are busy CEOs, senior level executives and entrepreneurs, making our mentoring program a highly competitive process. Each year we receive more than three times the mentee applications than we can match, so we encourage you to use your application to put your best foot forward! Mentors select their mentees based on goals, interests, experience and, in some cases, location. Please make sure you clearly outline SPECIFIC goals you want to accomplish over the next year.


We require that participants commit to a 12-month program, meeting monthly for 1-2 hours per meeting, plus a minimum of six hours via phone/Skype and/or email coaching, with the goal of monthly contact. Updates submitted by you during the first month of the program and every two months thereafter help us ensure the success of the match.

How it Works 

Throughout the program, mentees leverage the success of their mentor by asking questions about work/life balance, professional growth and more, while mentors have an opportunity to grow their leadership and mentoring skills in a one-to-one environment. And if you can make it, our in-person networking events are a great place to meet up as well. WIRe’s mentoring program is an opportunity to build life-long relationships, and share new perspectives. We’re thrilled that this program plays an instrumental role in bringing up the next generation of female researchers and executives.

Interested in being a mentor? If you’ve got 10+ years of industry experience, we’d love to have you! Shoot an email to and we’ll figure out how to get you involved. 


“I joined WIRe’s mentorship program because even though I’m in love with my job and my company, I had been beginning to feel stifled and overly specialized in my current role. I wanted to expand my understanding of the industry outside my company walls. Having monthly conversations with my incredible mentor Britt not only helped me accomplish this, but also gave me a newfound energy and enthusiasm for my daily work. She is a true expert in her field, and it’s been an incredible privilege to pick her brain while discovering and fine tuning my career ambitions this past year. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to reinvigorate their own careers!”

– Laurin Leonard, Manager Marketing & Partner Insights, Comedy Central

“From my view as a mentor, WIRe’s mentoring program works well. Some people pay thousands for coaches to play this role for them. I’ve coached my mentee through a career move, sharpening her perspective, job-seeking skills and resume (as I was a hiring manager in a corporate research department myself for a decade…) and keeping her positive through a challenging situation in her former role and in a competitive search. I’m providing her with tools and strategies to be confident and ambitious, to know her worth and use her resources. Now in her new role I hope to be helpful guide as she navigates new challenges. I’ve found it rewarding to give back. Also, she has lots to offer as we share notes about research resources and networking.”

– Rachel Dreyfus, President, Dreyfus Advisors