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Thriving in the New Working World


The Sporting Globe Richmond (Level 1 – 288 Bridge Rd Richmond)

25 Oct



Thriving in the New Working World

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Join us this October for drinks, networking, and a conversation all about finding balance. Many social commentators have talked about how the new working hybrid world could make it more difficult for us all. While working from home seems like it gives us more flexibility, could it also mean that we miss out? Finding your balance in this new set up can be difficult. What do we need to do to ensure that we don’t burn out and get left out? Susie is here to offer some half-arsed principles to help get the balance right - saying ‘no’ more often, confronting the guilt that holds us back, and making time for things that give us joy.

Dr Susie O’Brien has been a journalist for more than 20 years at the Herald Sun and appears weekly on Sunrise, where her audience consists mostly of women on treadmills watching with the sound turned down. She recently released her first book, The Secret of Half-Arsed Parenting, which helps mums and dads to find ways to raise kids with half the guilt and twice the joy.

Be sure to invite friends and colleagues to register to attend as well! A big thank you to our sponsors Nature and TKW for making this event possible.

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