WIRe’s Official Covid-19 Up-to-Date Response Site

Hello WIRe Community!

As a global non-profit for which in-person events make up a large portion of our programming, we feel it’s imperative to keep a live, up-to-date response page where the WIRe community and Market Research industry at large can track our official stance on the safety and viability of in-person events. We will be keeping a close eye on the Covid-19 outbreak as well as recommendations from local and global health organizations, such as the World Health Organization, to ensure we are making the appropriate decisions to protect the safety and wellbeing of our community. We’ll be reviewing this information daily and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the obstacles ahead. Our current organizational stance is:

All local, in-person WIRe events have been postponed until further notice.

On top of our WIRe+ webinar series, we’ve begun rolling out “Virtual City Events” in select cities; head over to our city event page to see what events will be occurring in the coming weeks.

We’ve compiled a community resource guide for managing stress and self-care during quarantine, view here.

While the current situation may hamper travel and in-person networking opportunities, we hope to provide a number of remote opportunities to those directly or indirectly impacted by the outbreak. Some of those include:

If you are a company or organization who is hoping to connect with the WIRe community through remote means, please reach out to us; we have a number of opportunities available to you. As always, we’re open to hearing your you might have. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We’re so grateful for your support in this challenging time and we hope to stay connected with you all through the myriad of online programming channels we offer.



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