Alisa Hamilton

Founder, Harvest Insights

Anthony Michelini

Global Head of Brand Insights and Strategic Analytics, Citigroup

Ashley Chauvin

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Citi

BV Pradeep

VP CMI for Country & Customer Development for Americas & Europe, C4G

Begoña Fafian

Head of Knowledge and Insights at Coca-Cola WEBU

Christina Jenkins

Director, Global Business Marketing North America, Twitter

Danielle Todd

Director, The Forge

Elaine B. Coleman

Research & Strategy Consultant

Emily Della Maggiora

Vice President, Data Services Qterics, a subsidiary of Lattice Semiconductor

Eric Salama

Director, Morning Consult

JD Deitch

Former President and Chief People Officer, Cint France

Jane Frost

CBE, CEO, Marketing Research Society (MRS)

Joanna Derry

Head of Consumer Insights & Marketplace Intelligence, Nestlé Oceania Limited

Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle

Chief Finance & Operations Officer, ESOMAR

Marion Elliott

Director, Client Solutions at Market Cube

Pratiti Raychoudhury

Head of Research, Facebook

Roddy Knowles

VP, Research at Feedback Loop

Sima Vasa

Advisor/Entreprenuer, Infinity Squared Ventures

Vanessa Oshima

President and Co-Founder, Heart Data, Inc.

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