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New Year, New Me: Personal Brand-building Workshop

December 5, 2023 10:00 AM

Log on with WIRe and the PureSpectrum team for a webinar exploring the vital relationship between defining your personal brand and making genuine connections in today's digital era.

Our experts will share insights into the current state of connection and the pivotal role personal branding plays in standing out in a crowded digital space. We'll explore both time-tested strategies and real-world examples toward crafting an authentic and compelling personal brand that resonates. Our panel of industry experts will guide you through an interactive workshop, helping you to identify your unique strengths and values and empowering you to articulate your brand confidently.

Key Topics:

- The significance of personal branding in today's connected world

- The elements to create an authentic personal brand

- Crafting your personal brand story and bio

Join us and gain practical tools that will help you define your personal brand, foster meaningful connections, and make your mark.

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Monica Voss

Client Development Director @ PureSpectrum

Monica Voss is a Director of Client Development at PureSpectrum, providing clients with programmatic sample and research automation. With nearly a decade of experience, Voss started her career in MR focused on text analytics and natural language processing before moving into sample. Part client advocate, part change agent, Voss brings innovative, customer-centric approaches to projects. Her passion is helping clients utilize technology to improve their research through quality and efficiency.

Nicole Ipsen

Brand Experience Marketing Specialist @ PureSpectrum

Kelly Piper

Account Manager @ PureSpectrum

January Khoshnood

EVP Research Operations @ Screen Engine/ASI

January is an accomplished results-driven leader, proven in cultivating high-performing cross-functional teams and strategically leveraging relationships while focusing on the bottom line and transforming business models to create scalable ongoing impact. She has nearly 20 years of experience in online data collection in various roles in Sales, Product, and Operations both the vendor (GMI, Kantar, Dynata) and agency side (Hall & Partners and SE/ASI).