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Innovations in #MRX (and what it means for you)

July 23, 2019 1:37 PM

Moderator: Baillie Buchanan, Research for Good Panelists: Zontziry Johnson, Zappi; Hilary DeCamp, LRW; Leigh Caldwell, Irrational Agency - The hottest trends, technologies, and methodologies in market research and their potential impact on market research career paths. Cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, neuro-technology, and sensory biometrics are some of the hottest arenas in the industry. New technology and methodologies affect the way we do research, what we expect from research – and the qualifications we need to be effective researchers. We’ll cover what’s trending, how to meet expectations in the marketplace, and share how you can implement the latest and greatest methodologies to make your projects work harder with more effective outcomes.

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