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Innovation in Market Research: VR, Net New, and a Cookieless Future

March 21, 2024 11:00 AM

Innovation is on the minds of MRX leaders, but what technologies and methodologies will truly impact your business, and how can you measure that success? Dynata’s panel of research experts will discuss their individual experience and observations of a changing Insights landscape; weigh the benefits of breakthrough vs incremental technologies such as VR, AI, and more; and share key performance indicators associated with the adaptation of new perspectives and tools. Attendees will leave the conversation with tactical tips and frameworks for breaking through innovation stagnation and delivering the technologies that will truly add value to their organization.

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Janice Caston

EVP, Marketing @ Dynata

Janice is Executive Vice President of Marketing at Dynata and in her role leads the company’s go-to-market strategy, driving brand awareness and implementing programs designed to enhance the company’s reputation and grow revenue. She has vast experience in building high-performing marketing teams and strategies designed to unlock growth. An industry veteran with over 25 years of marketing experience at global organizations, Caston joins Dynata most recently from Foursquare, a leading provider of location data powered by consumer apps. Previously, Caston was a Senior Vice President of Marketing at Toluna and led the company’s global marketing function during a pivotal transformation and rebrand during her 12-plus years at the company, after nearly a decade at Greenfield Online.

Meghan Slan

Diversity and Inclusion Manager @ Dynata

Meghan’s unique experience as both a classroom educator and a diversity, equity and inclusion facilitator has given her the excellent communication, training and facilitation skills that are instrumental in DEI work.  She has experience working with multiple stakeholders and groups, a strong understanding of diversity and inclusion as a field of expertise and brings a global lens to her work.  She holds a Master’s in International and Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco.  Besides her MA degree, Meghan holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts, Media, Information and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario.

Rebecca Bello

Vice President, Product Management @ Dynata

Rebecca Bello, Vice President of Product Management, oversees innovation, research and execution for Dynata’s new products, current product portfolio enhancements and redesign initiatives. As part of the commercial organization and product leadership, she will direct all aspects of product development policies, objectives and revenue generation. She joins Dynata after working across a variety of research and technology sectors leading product and growth teams at PureSpectrum, InContext Solutions, Toluna and IRI (Circana) during a nearly 20-year career in product, strategy, sales and marketing. Bello’s primary remit at Dynata will be driving the ideation, strategy and execution of an integrated DIY market-research sample-buying solution, focusing on elevating Dynata as the premier partner for sample and quality data.

Becky Harris

VP, Measurement and Data Solutions @ Dynata

Becky is our global product lead across our Data and Measurement Solutions, and currently acting as our Global GTM Segment lead for Media.  With an MBA focused on digital transformation, and 18+ years' experience working across both product and commercial strategy in the research industry, Becky is an advocate for using data to drive transformation & decision making. Providing brands, research agencies and the media agencies consultative and scalable solutions that enables better utility of their data. Working within the context of our Product team here at Dynata, Becky is focused on uncovering actionable solutions and driving innovation in collaboration with our clients.