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Illuminating Misconceptions (and Missed Opportunities) in Tracking Research

April 27, 2023 1:00 PM

Tracking research — the continuous measure of critical consumer metrics over time — is one of the most popular and well-known forms of Market Research and business analysis. While it has the potential to drive high-impact decision-making and business growth, many Insights professionals hold the belief that tracking research studies are tedious, expensive, inflexible, and slow. These misconceptions can lead researchers to exclude this important tool from their portfolio— and cause them to miss out on the important Insights it can reveal in the process.

Log on with WIRe and some of quantilope’s expert research consultants as they discuss how AI is changing the game for tracking research, traditional tracking versus innovations in the practice being implemented today, and how a tech-driven approach that easily launches & analyzes tracking studies can both delight clients and help them make better business decisions, faster.

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Mike De Gagne

Senior Vice President, Sales @ quantilope

Mike DeGagne, the Senior Vice President of Sales at quantilope, has almost 18 years of experience in data, analytics, and consumer insights. Prior to quantilope, Mike held senior roles at large data, analysis, and market research companies including Forrester, Experian, Oracle, and Moat, working with a number of global FMCG/CPG brands.

Kathy Smith

Research Consultant @ quantilope

Kathy is a Research Consultant on the Customer Success team at quantilope. At quantilope, Kathy manages accounts across multiple industries including CPG, financial, pet, and real estate verticals helping clients achieve their research goals with fast & actionable insights and strategic research guidance. She is a big advocate for client empowerment and enables clients to leverage the quantilope platform to the fullest extent by providing tools that clients use to truly own their own research from end to end. Prior to joining quantilope, Kathy worked at Ipsos for over 2 years focusing on corporate reputation research & public opinion polling. Kathy has a MA degree in Applied Quantitative Research from NYU, a MA degree in Sociology from the New School for Social Research, and a BA degree in Psychology & Sociology from Rutgers University.

Katharina Weiss

Senior Director, Customer Success EMEA @ quantilope

Katharina is Senior Director, Customer Success EMEA at quantilope with a focus to ensure high customer value and an outstanding client experience using quantilope. Before quantilope, she worked for a leading market research institute and has a total of 15 years of experience and high expertise in market research.Throughout Katharina’s career, her work has been mainly dedicated to brand and communication research and lately in empowering customers to use quantilope's tech based research solutions.