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How Pricing Can Make or Break Your NPD Launch

December 1, 2020 3:00 PM

Whether you are adding to an existing line or launching in an entirely new category, pricing plays a major role in your product’s success. This webinar will examine the different pricing requirements for new product development; revenue, profitability, and market volume performance after the launch. We will also answer your general pricing questions, covering the following topics:

• Selecting new product pricing that maximises revenue
• Avoiding product cannibalisation
• Differences in price sensitivity by SKU/brand
• Price barriers, including budget and psychological pricing constraints
• Differences in behaviour by type of consumer (users vs. considerers)

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Nicole Teh

Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Conjoint.ly

Nicole’s worked in 3 of the 4 main market research companies around the globe. She’s worked across 3 different continents across categories which includes: FMCG, Automotive, Dairy, Alcohol, Finance and Education, working for brands in 60+ countries worldwide.

Jason Widjaja

Management Consultant, Conjoint.ly

Jason is a Market Researcher with Conjoint.ly. He helps clients build and solidify business plans with a strong understanding of the right features and prices for their products. He is an expert in conjoint analysis, pricing research using Van Westendorp and Gabor-Granger models and claims testing.