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Enhancing an Advertising Space with a Single-source view of its Audience

April 23, 2024 12:00 PM

Join WIRe and the Netquest team as they uncover the impact of TV ads on behavior via a recent study performed in the Mexican market. Their findings will offer intriguing glimpses into the complexities of advertising effectiveness, shedding light on the subtle interplay between audience demographics, message resonance and platform context. Together, we’ll draw the line between campaign exposure and consumer behavior using one unique data source and foster a deeper understanding of the forces shaping consumer decisions for all who attend.

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Lizbeth Estrada Venegas

Client Manager, Netquest

Lizbeth Estrada is Client Manager at Netquest. She studied Marketing at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and, with more than nine years in the market research industry, has developed experience assisting key clients in developing their studies throught online methodologies. She's the proud mom of a puppy named Baloo and a lover of travels and wine.

Mercè Riba Madrid

Business Development Manager- International markets (US Team), Netquest

Mercé Riba holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business Economics and a MSc in Innovative Hospitality Management. She has navigated through the realms of business development and market expansion across different industries. Her journey has been a global adventure with stops in the vibrant cities of Edinburgh, Maastricht, the cultural hub of Buenos Aires and the bustling metropolis of New York City .Driven by a deep passion for cultural exchange, Mercé merge her skills in business and hospitality to forge connections in diverse environments. Market research, with its varied cases, appeals to her curiosity as a lifelong learner. It's a window into understanding human behavior, a puzzle she finds endlessly intriguing. In a world where understanding people is crucial, nothing brings her more joy than uncovering what drives us as individuals and shapes our societies. That's where her passion lies — in unraveling the mysteries that make us who we are.