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Agile Neuroscience: How the Science Behind the Brain Can Explain Consumer Behavior

May 13, 2021 11:00 AM

What physiological processes in the brain underlie our emotions, actions, and decisions? How can we leverage our understanding of those processes to predict human behavior? It all comes down to oxytocin and the effects that hormone has on our decision making process, Neuroscientists tell us. And they’ve developed methodologies that use the body’s physiological responses to stimuli in order to predict consumer behavior.

Cutting edge researchers Devora Rogers, Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, and Laura Beavin-Yates, SVP of Customer Success for Immersion, discuss how pairing this innovative methodology with traditional quantitative and qualitative approaches can upgrade your research. The webinar will cover three case studies in trimodal research:

  • Gaming giant Activision used the technology to explore how esports consumers were engaging with advertising, compared with traditional sporting events
  • Snapchat turned to Agile Neuroscience to map out how millennials were engaging with video during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Broadcasting company Audacy deployed this methodology to explore trust in media and explore engagement drivers in audio media

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Devora Rogers

Chief Strategy Officer @ Alter Agents

As Chief Strategy Officer at Alter Agents, Devora brings extensive shopper marketing, digital tech, and analytics experience to her work. Devora was instrumental in pioneering a new path to purchase methodology adopted by Google as the basis of their groundbreaking 2011 ZMOT study. Prior to joining Alter Agents, Devora has worked, among others for Murphy Research, Inmar, Interpublic Group, and Yahoo. Devora has written for Huffington Post, AdAge, and iMedia and  is a regularly featured speaker at industry and client conferences. She is co-author of the shopper marketing and retail book, “Fire in the Zoo” and her Tedx on the Future of Shopping and Retail has been viewed over 300,000 times.

Laura Beavin-Yates

Laura is the SVP of Customer Success for Immersion, a neuroscience SaaS company. She earned her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and contributed to the foundational science of Immersion. Prior to her current role, Laura served as the Manager of R&D for the Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Centre, applying innovative methodologies like implicit reaction time, facial coding, eye-tracking, and biometrics to address complex brand challenges. She also served as Senior Research Manager at Coherency Marketing, leading and executing quantitative and qualitative studies designed to identify emotional underpinnings of brand affinity. Laura lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband and two cats, where she and her team currently support customers in entertainment, marketing, learning & development, and live events.