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Accelerating Careers in Market Research

April 16, 2020 10:00 AM

If you ask the Millennial or Generation Z peer group to rank the industry sector they would most like to work for it is almost guaranteed that Market Research would not be in their Top 10. Why? Because we as an industry have forgotten to keep its profile up to date with modern times. As a result, newer generations do not feel like it’s ‘sexy’ enough to be a part of that would give them the best future career or growth potential.

Equally, if you look at the current Market Research workforce from within the industry, there seems to be a subtle divide emerging: the ‘traditional’ vs ‘digital’ market researcher segments. And the main difference between these segments seems to be their hierarchical skillsets.

On this panel discussion, we will explore how we can re-build the image of the Market Research sector (both externally and internally) to be able to attract and grow the right talent which will help take the industry forward in the 21st Century.”

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