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2023 Annual Webinar Series | June Session: The Future is Savvy: Understanding Business Finance

June 29, 2023 11:00 AM

Quick: what’s a P&L? Most professionals will leave college without a basic understanding of business finance and may only approach the topic as they themselves start a business. This is especially true for women who have historically been left out of conversations around business finance; lacking a basic understanding of the topic leaves women at a disadvantage from day one of their entrepreneurial journey. Regardless of your MR role or position, familiarizing yourself with a better understanding of these topics will not only prepare you for owning your own business; it will also give you a leg up in the corporate world and open doors to leadership opportunities. In this session we’ll cover the basics of business finance, leaving all who attend with a more confident grasp on the topic as well as practical applications of the terms discussed.

View the presentation deck from the session here.

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Kristi Zuhlke

Kristi Zuhkle is a highly experienced business consultant and entrepreneur with a unique background in both consumer insights and technology. Kristi started her career at Procter & Gamble, where she worked in Insights on billion-dollar brands such as Gillette and Always. During her time there, she was responsible for driving consumer-led innovation and business strategy, which set the foundation for her future endeavors.

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, Kristi founded and was the CEO of two technology companies, where she developed innovative products that utilized cutting-edge technologies to solve consumer and business problems.

Today, Kristi brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to her consulting work, helping the Insights function at Fortune 1000 companies make greater revenue impact through leveraging the latest in technology. She is dedicated to empowering her clients by providing them with insights, strategies, and innovative solutions to drive their businesses forward.

Kristi is a thought leader in her field and has been recognized for her achievements as an entrepreneur and business consultant. Her website, www.kristizuhkle.com, showcases her expertise in various areas, including consumer insights, market research, innovation, and technology. Most recently she has been deeply entrenched in the vastly moving Generative AI industry and continues to build a significant following on platforms like LinkedIn, keeping the Insights community in the know on the latest developments.

Rebecca Brooks

Rebecca is the Founder and CEO of Alter Agents, a full-service market research consultancy redefining research in the age of the promiscuous shopper. In her 22-year career, Rebecca has developed a keen ability to glean insights from research to help clients make smart and successful decisions. She’s worked on nearly every type of research project but specializes in communities, segmentation, and brand strategy. Rebecca is also an industry thought leader having spoken at MRA ISC, IIeX, and ESOMAR as well as publishing numerous articles and eBooks.