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2022 Annual Webinar Series | June Session: "New Definitions of Identity: How Market Research Needs to Adapt for Gen Z"

June 28, 2022 11:00 AM

As Generation Z solidly enters their 20s, their needs, their buying power, employment potential and unique voices need to be heard in the insights industry to help clients plan for the future. As the most diverse population in history, Gen Z hold strong perspectives on identity — and a desire to be able to express those perspectives in their own unique way. If Market Researchers truly wish to capture Gen Z’s sentiments and insights, they’ll need to rethink traditional methodologies around identity in new and creative ways.

Join us as we discuss how brands and market research teams can connect and communicate effectively with Gen Z respondents as well as industry changes at large concerning how we collect information around identity. Attendees will leave the session with fresh insights into the Gen Z mindset as well as recommendations for more inclusive formats and methodologies moving forward.

This year's Annual Webinar Series is generously sponsored by FUEL + The Focus Room — thank you for making this FREE resource available to the WIRe and broader Market Research communities.

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Lilah Raynor

CEO, Logica Research

As founder and CEO of Logica Research, Lilah is driven to help organizations use research to improve people's lives and drive business growth. Logica Research excels in creating customized research solutions that spark brand engagement, launch products and services, and establish thought leadership programs and media coverage.

Logica's client list includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and start-ups. Insights have been published in the largest media outlets in the world including the New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and USA Today.

Logica Research is also the author of the Future of Money Study. The Future of Money Study highlights the consumer mindset around how we make, spend, save, and invest. The study highlights generational differences and speaks to the next generation of Gen Zers, whose oldest members are now adults entering the work force and managing money. Check out our Future of Money Study here, https://logicaresearch.com/future-of-money/

Lilah is an active speaker and writer on the Future of Money, and the Future of Work, customer engagement, and insights communication. Lilah is an engaged member of Women in Research (WIRe) and the Forbes Business Council. Logica is a certified woman-owned business.

Yvonne Green

Associate Director, C Space

Jamin Brazil

Chairman, HubUX