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2021 Annual Webinar Series: July Session: "Seen and Heard: The Savvy Professionals Guide to Crafting a Personal Brand Online"

July 6, 2021 10:00 AM

Social media often is thought of as a marketer’s tool. But social influence is not just for marketing departments. The future of work demands that professionals embrace digital transformation to land that choice job, collaborate with colleagues, grow a network, amplify thought leadership or create professional opportunities.

Social media is one of the most cost effective and immediately scalable places to start. The ubiquity of social media means no new software purchases, no monthly subscriptions. Instead, savvy professionals can leverage LinkedIn to achieve and exceed goals.

But with everyone online, how can you grow your personal brand and be heard above the noise? In this webinar you'll learn how to build a LinkedIn profile that cannot be ignored and amplify your leadership through content strategies that work. Quit wasting time on social media. Grow your personal brand and stand and be seen and heard in this digital world.

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Tacie Avedikian

VP, Digital Transformation at Little Bird Marketing

As VP of Digital Transformation Little Bird Marketing, Tacie Avedikian pulls effective and revenue-generating digital transformation across organizations. Building on her extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative market research, panel sample, and a natural curiosity for how humans behave on social media, she aligns team purpose with actionable plans for digital domination. True change management starts with foundational mindset shifts about what it means to show up as our whole selves as professionals in an increasingly digital world. Whether building social influence skills for sales teams, HR departments, C-suite thought leaders, or insight professionals, she provides a framework for effective online habits delivering significantly increased visibility. Learning tips and tricks is a short-sighted approach to social media. Instead, she teaches a process that truly transforms professionals and sets a course for long-term success online.

Ashley Le Blanc

Executive Director, Little Bird Marketing

As the Executive Director at Little Bird Marketing, Ashley Le Blanc’s role is more than wrangling commas - it’s about crafting business-changing stories that drive growth and allow for scale. Her duties range from facilitating internal operations to training on best practices in social media.

When she’s not working with clients or her team, she’s busy being a champion of the marketing and advertising industry as the Board Secretary for the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Heartland.

Ashley’s experience in developing social media strategy and content creation allows her to move processes forward - helping her team achieve goals and exceed benchmarks.

Her female-driven team pulls digital transformation across organizations and helps busy leaders create exceptionally accountable lead generation systems. Together, they create marketing plans that meet the short-term and long-term revenue goals of their clients.

She also considers herself an unofficial champagne taste tester. Cheers!