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Sexual harassment is the biggest business issue facing women in our industry today—because sexual harassment keeps women out of leadership positions and power, prevents gender equality from ever happening and also prevents women from reaching out and accessing the power to become the leaders who actively welcome diversity and inclusion. Women cannot achieve equality in the workplace or in society as long as sexual harassment and assault persists. Recommended steps for protecting yourself and dealing with sexual harassment and/or assault in the workplace:

  1. Review your employee handbook and familiarize yourself with any policies your employer may have in place regarding this issue.  Use these policies both to educate yourself on your company’s approach, and as guidelines for your own behavior.
  2. Secondly, if you feel safe and comfortable doing so, you should tell the harasser in clear language that the behaviors or advances are unwanted and unwelcome and must stop.  In some instances, the person may not realize the behavior is inappropriate, and a simple communication may be an effective way to stop it.
  3. If you are not comfortable addressing the harasser, or the behavior does not stop, report your concern to your manager, any other company manager or official, or your human resources department and file a written report to document the behavior.


There are many organizations that are working to protect women in the workplace. By speaking out you are not only protecting yourself, you are helping others find their voice to speak out. For general information and resources regarding sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, you can visit the following:

United States


European Union

United Kingdom


Other International 

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