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Resilience: Channelling Challenge into Grit



April 29, 2021

06:00-08:00pm LDN

Resilience: Channelling Challenge into Grit

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We’ve faced some challenges over the last 12 months, eh? From personal to professional challenges, we’ve faced more uphill battles, stresses and unexpected twists and turns than most of us expected for 2020. In 2021, we’re taking charge again. Come listen to two incredible stories of grit, determination, resilience and turning challenges into opportunities. There will be inspiring presentations with actionable steps we can all take, as well as an interactive exercise to get us all talking!

Please note: while we can’t wait to welcome you back in person, this is a virtual event. We fully expect emails closed, comfy trousers on, and a glass of something nice in your hand to spend some time on you, with your WIRe sisters!

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Yanar Alkayat

Health & Fitness Testing Manager, Hearst Institute

Yanar Alkayat is a Testing Manager at the Hearst Institute, heading up health & fitness product testing for reviews in Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and other Hearst magazines – a dream job. Her fitness journey from marathon runner to competing in weightlifting and CrossFit has seen her through significant mental and physical transformations. She strongly believes everyone, especially women, can build a stronger body and mind through fitness and can benefit from the power and resilience that training in sport brings.

Headshot image credit: Ian Harrison

Vanessa Moran

Co-Founder, Welfy

Vanessa has spent the past twenty years working in advertising both at Board Level in Creative Agencies and in Global roles Client side at Unilever. After being diagnosed with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis after the birth of her son, she left the world of Advertising and took a year off on a mission to get well. She discovered a programme that changed her lifestyle from the ground up and has never looked back. She is now a trained Business Coach and Co-Founder of a workplace wellbeing training company. Welfy was born out of a desire to redefine success for individuals and businesses and help people to create the life they want. Vanessa is proud mother to four-year-old Blake, one naughty puppy and two grumpy cats. She loves meeting new people, going to new places and listening to Billie Holiday. Her energy levels are often so high she audibly fizzes.