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5 Vital Career Lessons from Some of the World’s Most Successful and Innovative Women



April 28, 2021

9:00-10:30pm (GMT + 8)

5 Vital Career Lessons from Some of the World’s Most Successful and Innovative Women

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Hear from Greta Thomas and Claire Hatton about the 5 key, recurring career issues they've uncovered during their career conversations with successful female women from around the world for their popular global podcast, “Don’t Stop Us Now!” They’ll explore these issues and share with you the evidence-backed tips and tools they’ve curated in their leadership development work to help you navigate through these challenges. Stick around for some networking and reconnecting after the presentation!

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Greta Thomas

Greta Thomas is an innovation, strategy and women’s leadership expert. She is a Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director as well as Co-Founder of next-gen leadership development company, Full Potential Labs and co-host of a global podcast, Don't Stop Us Now! She has also helped launch and build numerous different ventures including several in the fintech space. Greta’s decades-long executive career has spanned a variety of roles from award-winning McKinsey management consultant to launching eBay in Australia as CMO; from being part of the leadership team at Sydney Opera House to helping establish Bono’s international high-profile business-for-purpose, (PRODUCT) RED in the US and Europe. Greta has served on the boards of an ASX listed financial services business, a major retail business and she also advises other boards on innovation and strategy.

Claire Hatton

Claire Hatton, Co-Founder of Full Potential Labs, a Non-Executive Director and former “UK Person of the Year”, is on a mission to help leaders and their teams think better and innovate more. She has more than 25 years global business experience, most recently on Google Australia’s country leadership team. Claire sits on the Board of ASX listed 3P Learning, a global EdTech company delivering innovative maths and literacy online learning solutions to 5.5m children from kindergarten to year 12. A professionally accredited coach with a passion for neuroscience, she coaches, advises and builds leadership capability for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Claire also co-hosts the podcast ‘Don't Stop Us Now!’ featuring authentic stories and practical advice from some of the world’s most innovative women. She’s an avid traveller with a passion for scuba and photography.