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We've just launched this new chapter and haven't hosted any events locally quite yet. Want to be invited to any future WIRe Tampa Bay events? Head over to our mailing list sign up page to register for updates from this chapter. Curious about sponsoring WIRe Tampa Bay events or hoping to lend a hand on our event planning team? Reach out to Jessica Sage for more info.

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Laura Beavin-Yates

CMO, LiquorSplit

Laura Beavin-Yates holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology and has more than 15 years of experience helping brands use data to achieve key growth goals and optimize communication strategies in a way that is authentic, meaningful, and relevant. Laura has vast experience with innovative emotion-based research methodologies, and a proven track record empowering brands like Google, P&G, Danone, Mars, and Kimberly-Clark to solve complex brand, product, and messaging challenges through data-driven storytelling. As an experienced startup leader, she has also contributed to a variety of growth and optimization levers - including marketing, sales, data science, product, and customer experience.

Currently, Laura is the Chief Marketing Officer for LiquorSplit, a technology startup focused on the last-mile delivery of beer, wine, and spirits. Previously, she served as Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Immersion Neuroscience, a neuromarketing SaaS startup enabling brands to quantify the emotional impact of content and experiences via a proprietary smartwatch app. Laura also has 5 years of experience in market research, working with traditional and innovative methodologies to measure brand impact across a wide variety of verticals including education, food & beverage, beauty, media & entertainment, CPG, finance, and travel.

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