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Joy Levin

Founder, Allium Research & Analytics

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After holding market research positions in various organizations, Joy founded Allium Research and Analytics, a market research consultancy, in 1998, as a sole proprietorship. Since that time, she has managed all phases of research studies and analytics activities for a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from startups to companies in the Fortune 500. Joy has been fully responsible for all study aspects, including strategic formulation and development, selection of analytical methodology, research design, field activity oversight, data interpretation and analysis, and results presentation. She has used both traditional and digital qualitatively- and quantitatively-obtained insights to provide her clients with actionable solutions to their most pressing marketing problems.

Joy has also worked with clients to establish and report KPIs that assess the performance of their unique business situations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Boston University.

Joy lives in Maryland, is a WIRe mentor, is active in the DC and Baltimore chapters of the American Marketing Association and has completed several volunteer engagements for Taproot. When offline, you can find Joy in a spin or BodyPump class, reading, hiking with her family, or playing with one of her cats or her golden retriever.

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