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WIRe’s Best Places to Work Award

WIRe aims to inspire women in market research to advance their voices in the industry while providing the tools for professional development and opportunities for building connections. To achieve this, it’s important to establish what employees value in their workplace. WIRe’s Best Places to Work award looks to the results of our 2018 Workplace survey to establish the qualities, experiences, and environments most important to those in the MRX industry. In so doing, we aim to congratulate and raise awareness about the organizations who are doing their utmost to support and encourage the well-being of their female employees. The winners and runners-up will be announced at ESOMAR Congress 2018!

Submission deadline: July 31.



A special thank you to Koski Research, who partnered with WIRe to conduct the research that led to the community-driven criteria for the Workplace award, as well as to Keen as Mustard, who generated the initial idea for the award and partnered with WIRe to make it happen.



The criteria for this award is research-driven with insights from hundreds of participants—men and women, both client-side and agency-side—from all over the world.