In This Together: A COVID-19 Support Resource Guide for the Women in Research Community

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is impacting the lives and livelihoods of professionals in and outside of the Market Research industry. As kitchen tables become work desks, spare bedrooms become triage units, and parents divide their time between a full work schedule and ad hoc homeschooling, women are especially being asked to multitask, care take, and carry the load of their community. At WIRe, we’ve always believed in the untapped power of women in business but we too believe in the importance of holistic self-care to take women to the very top. In this vein, we’ve compiled a resource list with the unique needs of women—professionally, energetically, and emotionally—in mind. If you have any additional resources you’d like to add please shoot us an email—let’s continue to build the structures of support and encouragement that have gotten us this far together, even when distance might keep us (temporarily!) apart.

  • Challenge friends and family to start a book club and host discussions over Slack or Google Hangouts. Find a free book online at Project Gutenberg or Zlibrary.
  • Netflix Party — watch Netflix with your friends or a stranger, for free, online!
  • Start a thread on WIRe’s Facebook or Linkedin Group and stay connected with our global community.
  • Start a Slack channel with co-workers or friends and make it a point to “check in” daily.
  • Host a “digital dinner party” with friends and loved ones. Pick a time, set up some candlesticks and your laptop, and get ready to laugh.
  • Join a free, online support group (link via The Relational Center)
  • Give meditation a try. Apps and sites offering free mindfulness guides:
  • Need someone to talk to? Try a text therapy app like Talkspace or, if you’re in the US and facing a mental health crisis, text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor at any time, from anywhere, for free.
  • Dance like no one is watching! Check out Radioooooo— it’s a free radio station with music from all over the world and from every decade.
  • Check out this incredible resource site for those experiencing COVID-related anxiety.
  • If you can get outside without comprimising the health and safety of yourself and others, do it at least once a day. If not, bring the outside in: open your windows, take a bath, start a steampot on your stove—here’s a guide using herbs and spices  you might already have in your cupboard. 
  • Gratitude journaling is an easy way to take advantage of the many benefits of keeping a consistant gratitude practice. Here’s how to get started.
  • Athletic brand Outdoor Voices is running a “virtual recess” from their Instagram account—a once-a-day workout to keep your body moving and your spirits high.
  • Join the Mon Ami Volunteer phone bank and become a certified volunteer on their crisis support text and phone line.
  • Reach out local food banks, meals on wheels, etc. Many of them are facing volunteer shortages. They will help you find the safest way to support those most in need of aid in your community.
  • If you’re able to foster animals in your home, connect with local shelters and rescues. Many are unable to fully staff their spaces and are asking individuals to foster pets as a way to lighten their load. Bonus: you get a (temporary) quarantine buddy!
  • COVID-19 Charities and Causes:
    • MRBA – Providing financial support to UK-based MR-workers who’s livelihood will be impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.
    • Coronavirus Care Fund – Supporting domestic workers and their families (largely women) who are navigating COVID health complications without insurance or employment support.
    • Feeding America: serving communities and individuals facing hunger/food insecurity as a result of COVID
    • COVID-19 Mutual Aid Find for LGBTQI + BIPOC Folks – Directly supporting members of the LGBTQI + BIPOC community through mutual aid.
  • Start a thread on social and echo which of your favorite local restaurants, cafes, and farmers that are offering delivery or curbside pickup. Service workers are some of the hardest hit by the economic impacts of COVID and your support now will absolutely make a lasting difference in their success.

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