Tuesday, May 9th 2017
6pm – 8.30pm
338 Pitt Street
Level 12
Sydney NSW 2000

Statistically Significant – Running life your way

We’ve never been busier and quite often we find ourselves on the ‘hamster wheel of life’, yet we want to be calm, relaxed, resilient, vital, confident and, most of all, happy. Following suit with last year’s event on becoming a ‘Chief Life Officer’, this year we will learn self-awareness and supportive actions for a sense of ease and well-being. Join us for a workshop led by mindfulness facilitator, Clarissa Hughes, on topics including:

  • Knowing your drainers and sustainers – how to avoid exhaustion and being overwhelmed
  • Learning to pace – breaking the cycle of doing too much and crashing as a consequence
  • Staying flexible – learning about our tendencies to either resist or feel overwhelmed by things we don’t like
  • The power of the breath – how we can use breath consciously to de-stress


6-6.30pm Welcome drinks / arrival
6.30-6.45pm Introduction
6.45-7.30pm Key Speaker & workshop: Statistically Significant; running life your way
7.30-7.45pm Regroup & close
7.45pm-8.30pm Networking & drinks

Thank you to Aptitude Recruitment, Resources Group and QRA for sponsoring this event and to Lightspeed for providing their beautiful venue!

Clarissa Hughes
Founder / Owner
Nen Consulting

Clarissa is an accredited Breathworks mindfulness trainer, facilitator, speaker and writer. She is the owner and founder of Nen Consulting that focuses on workplace wellness and mindfulness for chronic pain and illness relief.

She is an active writer on mindfulness and well-being and frequently pops up in publications and on radio and recently featured on the SBS. Based in Sydney, she runs courses, workshops and speaks at conferences on mindfulness in daily life as well the benefits of mindfulness within the corporate world.

Clarissa has had the honour and privilege of training with the Vidyamala Burch from Breathworks, with Dr Richard Miller in iRest Yoga Nidra and Simon Blow in TCM based Qi-Gong.

Clarissa holds a Ph.D in Sensory Perception and has a strong interest in how our environments effect the way we perceive the world. Prior to founding her company Clarissa spent 28 years working in major corporations in senior leadership insights positions across UK, Australia and Asia.

She loves working with people to help them find practical ways of incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives, leading to greater health and well-being. And, with her strong background in science, Clarissa loves that mindfulness has been proven to work scientifically.

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2016 Event Details

November 16, 2016 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Facebook *behind the Apple Store
Level 18 
77 King Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

A Leap of Faith – Be a Chief Life Officer
Join WIRe in Sydney for drinks, nibbles and networking on Wednesday, November 16th for a panel discussion on taking control of your own wellbeing in the corporate world.  In this session Angela and Lexi will explore tools and techniques to improve your happiness and manage stress, both in and out of the corporate environment, sharing some real life stories about their journey in converting habits into rituals.
Event timing:
6-6.30pm Welcome drinks and arrival
6.30-6.45pm Introductions
6.45-7.30pm Key session – Being a Chief Life Officer
7.30-8pm Close and networking

A special thank you to SSI, Resources Group and QRA for sponsoring this event and to Facebook for providing their beautiful venue!

Lexi Airey
Lexi AireyChief Customer Officer, Gateway Credit Union
Lexi Airey is a Chief Customer Officer by day and her own Chief Life Officer by night (and lunch time). Her career has for the majority resided in customer experience roles at Post Office UK, Westpac, CBA and now Gateway Credit Union. Her weekends are spent great white shark cage diving, driving a steam train, racing a paddle steamer, learning to play polo, sleeping in UFOs in trees and floating in zero gravity with George Takei. She credits two wake up calls to making her the person she is, the first was a gun to the head, the second and the reason for starting her blog No Eyed Deer Sydney, was reading a magazine that declared “life begins at 50” but focused on chair lifts, hearing aids, false teeth, retirement homes and funeral plots. Despite these motivations, she finds being your own Chief Life Officer is a full time job and she uses a tool kit of techniques to maintain a happy life and mind.
Angela Romero
Angela RomeroFounder, Energy | Body | Mind
Angela founded the corporate wellness company Energy|Body|Mind with the aim to empower employers and employees to manage stress and the pressures of corporate life. The philosophy works to enable corporations to have healthy, productive and loyal employees in all areas of life.
She also works with Crosby |Textor as a consultant researcher, conducting ad hoc projects and research assignments. Her work focuses on change management strategies to instil, persuade or convert existing opinions and behaviours.
She completed a Business and Law degree through Macquarie University before going on to complete her honours in Marketing and Management at the same institution. She presented her thesis on behavioural change in the health field at the Australasian Conference for Undergraduate Research in 2013.