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Momentum in MRX: Industry Trends, True Culture and Flexible Careers

31 May, 6-8PM

Direction First 5/241 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Join us for an evening of networking, nibbles and discussions on the topics of industry trends, culture and career in MRX! 

Special guests will be hosting seminars on:

·  Jumping Over Hurdles – becoming a leader in a work force of unconscious bias

·  Nine to Thrive – the ‘typical working week’ is changing, how can you get the flexibility and lifestyle you need to really thrive in your career?


We’re closing the LAST SPONSORSHIPS for both events – please reach out to Jo Brockhurst, our Sydney Event Lead, if you’re interested in supporting this years event(s), great sponsorship packages and benefits are available! 

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Past Events

Tuesday, October 17th 2017
6pm – 8.30pm
The Shelbourne Hotel (Top Level)

Best Life Design

Do you fundamentally believe that you shouldn’t feel as though you have to choose between your career and your family? That it should be possible to build a more purposeful life plan that enables you to achieve success in both aspects of life? If that’s the case, that belief is all you need to get started.

A natural curiosity to explore your life choices and an openness to apply some thinking to how you show up in life – based on the experiences of others in the same shoes – are the keys to developing your own Best Life Design. Join us for a workshop led by author, Gill McLaren, who will talk about her own corporate leadership journey. She will share how she embarked on a mission to take strategic and business planning approaches and apply them to the most important plan you will ever write: your own Life Plan.

Thank you to Resources Group, SSI and QRA for sponsoring this event!

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Resources Group

Tuesday, May 9th 2017
6pm – 8.30pm

Statistically Significant – Running life your way

We’ve never been busier and quite often we find ourselves on the ‘hamster wheel of life’, yet we want to be calm, relaxed, resilient, vital, confident and, most of all, happy. Following suit with last year’s event on becoming a ‘Chief Life Officer’, this year we will learn self-awareness and supportive actions for a sense of ease and well-being. Join us for a workshop led by mindfulness facilitator, Clarissa Hughes, on topics including:

  • Knowing your drainers and sustainers – how to avoid exhaustion and being overwhelmed
  • Learning to pace – breaking the cycle of doing too much and crashing as a consequence
  • Staying flexible – learning about our tendencies to either resist or feel overwhelmed by things we don’t like
  • The power of the breath – how we can use breath consciously to de-stress


Thank you to Aptitude Recruitment, Resources Group and QRA for sponsoring this event and to Lightspeed for providing their beautiful venue!

November 16, 2016 – 6:00pm to 8:00pm

A Leap of Faith – Be a Chief Life Officer
Join WIRe in Sydney for drinks, nibbles and networking on Wednesday, November 16th for a panel discussion on taking control of your own wellbeing in the corporate world.  In this session Angela and Lexi will explore tools and techniques to improve your happiness and manage stress, both in and out of the corporate environment, sharing some real life stories about their journey in converting habits into rituals.
Event timing:
6-6.30pm Welcome drinks and arrival
6.30-6.45pm Introductions
6.45-7.30pm Key session – Being a Chief Life Officer
7.30-8pm Close and networking

A special thank you to SSI, Resources Group and QRA for sponsoring this event and to Facebook for providing their beautiful venue!