Donor Voices: Baillie Buchanan

Research For Good is an online sample, fieldwork solutions, and technology company and leads the industry in connecting market researchers with real people. They provide high-quality samples in 13 countries along with programming, translations/localizations, data cleaning & processing, and more—offering a full suite of research fielding services driven by the optimal blend of technology, quality and experience. The company is also an avid supporter of charitable causes in and outside of MR; with every survey complete, Research For Good makes a corporate donation to their charity partner, Action Against Hunger. Research For Good has also sponsored WIRe’s Summer Webinar series as well as our WIRexec Leadership Summit. We’re so grateful for their support and excited to highlight their Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Baillie Buchanan in this installment of our Donor Voices blog series!

 Baillie Buchanan is a sample industry veteran who oversees sales, marketing and product development at Research For Good and The Sampling Place: a do-it-yourself sample buying portal and a sample buyer’s API. She’s also an integral part of the WIRe community serving both as a WIRe Mentor and an active member of WIRexec, our program for corporate senior research executives and supplier/agency side SVPs, C-suite members and entrepreneurs. Baillie’s experience with WIRe began at local, Seattle area events but her induction into the WIRexec program, which placed her “in a room full of women who were running other organizations in our industry” notably empowered her to “step into the role of Business Leader in a way [she] had not prior.” She cites WIRe resources like our webinar series and networking events as being integral to her personal and leadership development.

“There has never been a better time to be innovative in the market research space. Researchers and clients are open to new techniques, methodologies and ideas as they never have been before. The lament that research is slow to adapt to change is dwindling. The time is NOW to capitalize on that interest.”

Baillie’s outlook on leadership is to always think of it as a work in progress; true leadership, in her words, “sets others up for success, provides clear expectations and a drive and vision for all to work towards, and removes barriers.” For Baillie, mutual respect and a shared motivation toward common goals is an essential aspect of a successful venture and this sentiment is echoed in her advice to those working toward leadership or entrepreneurship. She implores newcomers to “actively seek and watch for opportunities to move in the direction they are looking to go; rarely will opportunity be handed to you, you must look for openings and then step into them. Raise your hand, volunteer your services, take on the additional responsibility. Mentors and advocates are wonderful resources, but your best advocate is yourself.”

An avid reader, Buchanan takes inspiration from the personal accounts of others in leadership—she’s currently reading The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky and Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh and, for anyone growing a business, she highly recommends The Sales Acceleration Formula. She’s also excited by the growth of mr-focused podcasts in market research and cites them as a source of inspiration and a great way to learn about different organizations and how they conduct valuable research. Some of her favorites are The Happy Market Research Podcast, Intellicast, Data Gurus, Flock Stars (a WIRe Miniseries within Ponderings from the Perch). How I Built This and Masters of Scale are also on her list of podcasts that are highly valuable for those building, or thinking of starting, a company.


“If you have a great, bold, innovative or unique idea and are driven to see it come to life, go for it.”

“When thinking specifically about entrepreneurship,” she urges, “do not let real or perceived opinions of others deter you from taking the leap. If you have a great, bold, innovative or unique idea and are driven to see it come to life, go for it.” For Buchanan, success is equal parts daring and an investment in community. She notes that she has been fortunate to have strong female role models in the MR industry to look to for inspiration, guidance, and understanding. Her advice for folks that are new to WIRe and to the MR community is two-fold: First, “Show up and actively participate. Initiate conversations with the people sitting next to you and across the room, get the speaker’s business card and follow-up with intelligent questions or comments. Add value and help others with their business problems. Your added value and connections will pay dividends down the line” and second, “call me.”


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