WIRe Kenyan Scholarship

The Kenyan Scholarship fund aligns with WIRe’s global mission to advance the contributions of women in research, both for themselves and the greater good of the industry– particularly in economically challenged or conflict markets. Not only does this scholarship fund the education of an exceptional African female student to give her the chance at a rewarding career in market research, but it also helps to advance the voice of women in research as well as the voice of African women in the practice. This program would not have been possible without the collaboration of ESOMAR Foundation, the MSRA, and a generous matching commitment from Unilever.

WIRe aims to raise US$5,000 from individual and company donations, matched dollar for dollar by sponsor Unilever, to award a US$10,000 scholarship to a Kenyan female student in a discipline related to market research.  Kenya is a prime location to award this scholarship because of the engaged research community and growing market research industry.

You can learn more about this scholarship here. Support WIRe’s Kenyan scholarship program, by donating directly to the scholarship fund below.

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